Consumers in North America and Canada waste about 106,000,000,000 lbs of food every year. Globally, one-third of the food produced for human consumption is lost, about 1.3 billion tons every year. Due to time-temperature restrictions, and contaminates it is almost impossible for catering companies, and restaurants to donate food that can be stored and consumed at a later date. This results in 1000’s of pounds of food being discarded every day in Los Angeles alone. This is where we come in!

We have developed a system with many local schools, catering companies, and venues that allows us to take all the excess food waste from events in a cheap and efficient fashion. Once delivered to our warehouse our food waste machine takes over. The Orca can handle up to 416,100 pounds of food waste per year that would normally go into a landfill. This is the equivalent of:

  • 18,390 m3 avoided methane generation
  • 35,332 gallons of liberated water
  • 35 cars taken off the road
  • 25 homes powered by electricity

Anytime our staff or rentals are booked for an event we will take your waste! We aren’t just stopping there you don’t even have to have an event and we will roll by, and save you money! Local waste disposal isn’t cheap, and if you think otherwise just ask your local restaurant or school. Through scheduled pick ups we can potentially save your business half the cost of waste disposal every week, and even better you will get a tax break by using our services.

The question isn’t why? The question is why not? If you aren’t sold on the future or need more information about our machine, please reference the links below. You are an email or phone call away from rebuilding your business and the planet!

The Orca:

RecycLA  Calculator: